Bigruppen (The Bi Group) is a Copenhagen-based social network for bisexuals, active since June 2004 and currently flourishing.

The network is open as such, whether you are bisexual, think you might be or not. Diversity friendliness is the codeword here, and you will meet no raised eyebrows if you also happen to be polyamorous, transgender, into BDSM or in other ways ‘different’. However, we are mainly here for the coffee/tea, laughs and chit-chat so don’t expect an orgy.

Most of us are quite fluent in English, and we have Esperanto enthusiasts as well.

We meet on the 1st Friday and the 3rd Wednesday of every month and also arrange brunches and other social events around town. Confusing? Well, have a look in the calendar on the right instead and check out when the next meeting is.

We organise nights out at various bars, cafés and nightclubs as well as marching in the yearly Copenhagen Pride. We also frequently organise brunch on Sundays.


You can send an email to the group here .